Tuesday, 17 June 2014


We all need them, some have a handful, some have a truckload, some have big ones, some have average ones, some have little ones. Some like to play with theirs all by themselves and others encourage others to play with theirs.......enough of the innuendos! Anyway,

I am referring to effects pedals. All important parts of a guitarists "sound". There's a healthy debate between analog and digital but that's a debate for another time. Personally, I prefer analog but they are more than my budget allows so have some digital effects from BOSS and Electro Harmonix thrown in for good measure. Take a luck at my decidedly spartan rig for the 5 track e.p. that I will be commencing recording work on in a few weeks:

The Super Bender is brand new, delivered today. Hand built in Barcelona, Spain. Based on the Tonebender MK II, a legendary 60's fuzz pedal. When coupled with the treble booster, the sound is incredible. As you can see the setting, I keep it at a low "attack" level as the booster pedal, though quite noisy turns it into a CREAMY fuzzy sustaining monster which has already earned it a permanent place on my rig. The Chorus and Delay are practically staples for almost all guitarists. The Ravish Sitar, I've already blogged about. The Boss '63 Fender Reverb was an essential yet impulsive buy! My amp has no reverb and this particular pedal has a lovely Fender Spring reverb effect found on the rockabilly sounds of the late 50's and early 60's - think Dick Dale, though I don't utilise it for that, more for a slight bit of a "Hall" effect and it sounds great.

You're already familiar with the other two by now:

Interestingly enough, a fellow muso asked was it not a bit of a challenge as regards to not having any tone dials on the amp? It was a good question, but as I replied, chances are there's one or two on your guitar. "Touche!" was the reply. This is the guitar set up. My next post will be on the equipment I'll be recording through. If you're not asleep already! With a picture of the keyboard. And a picture of my bass. Because bassists are musicians too. Not necessarily human but still....... Just kidding! Thanks for reading :)


  1. I always knew you were a Super Bender. Good stuff...every day at your house is mouth watering with new goodies to play with.

  2. *awkward silence*

    *takes out lubricant*