Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Getting there!

A professional recording needs a professional set up and I am just about there! I've long sung the praises of pure tube amps over solid and valvestate and yesterday confirmed I have made the smartest purchase of my music loving life. As you will already know, on a whim after viewing endless demonstration videos I went and bought a Mooer AC Little Monster.

This little 5 watt amp has a power tube (EL84) and pre amp tube (12AX7) and runs hot enough to fry an egg on it after a while. I received my Vox V110NT cabinet yesterday and whilst initially having reservations about lack of bottom end the quickly dispersed when I plugged in! What a fantastic combo. I used my Hagstrom Deuce (F) guitar with humbuckers plugged into a BSM RM treblebooster on the top boost mode and found THE tone! The one I had in my head all these years but couldn't quite nail it. It sounds phenomenal! The Mrs tells me she hasn't seen me as happy in ages. Well I'm always happy but now I'm grinning like a six year old with their hand in the biscuit jar.



A good looking combo and even better sounding! Gives me that lovely jangly British sound with a creamy saturated boosted tone. I'm almost done having my techno guitar gear nerdgasm here, I promise. So the point being, I've finally purchased a rig to help me record my songs in a professional manner. My rig is very spartan, unless I'm wigging out with the Ravish sitar, as I'm more of a plug and play type guitarist - (Bsm RM - Boss FRV 1 - Amp), maybe with a Boss Chorus or delay to add some character the odd time,  but I need one more pedal to complete my set up before this journey. A tonebender mk II. (The original Fuzzbox) - think Jimmy Page or Jeff Beck, for those gnarlier tones! I can't afford the actual pedal but the boutique clones are just as good sounding or better than the original IMO. As well as hand made so the build quality is top notch. I'm not a boutique snob but that route, though quite expensive (if you don't research it) led me to finding my treble booster from BSM. It's my favourite pedal and I'd never sell it. Am currently looking at Manlay Pedals. They look the shit and sound better, watch this space and thanks for reading

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