Sunday, 8 June 2014


Too many songs to choose from is a good problem, but not a useful one. Have decided to record a five track collection in my best semi professional capacity on my eight track and deliver a listenable, professional and hopefully, enjoyable collection. I finally feel comfortable enough to commit to a project I feel capable of being proud of, regardless of anybody else's views and I'm looking forward to it.

Have discussed in short and sweet with my new, hopefully, co producer (TBC) and he seems keen to help me. He is an old, close friend who is a music lover himself and knows me very well, so I reckon we can throw some ideas around about the eventual sound of this collection. In essence "THE SOUND" will be the rock infused with pseudo eastern European / Arabic sound that has been a source of great inspiration for me of late, and as any songs I have created have all been considered demos so hopefully we can create a demo that is as professional as possible with the time and tools employed by us. I have two working titles: "Anthology Of Guilt" and "In The Garden Of Good And Evil". I will also be discussing themes with a talented photographer friend of mine in the near future. The tracks to be revamped are in chronological order:

1. Empty Quarter pt. I (Rub al' Khali)
2. Just A Man
3. Hand Of God
4. Empty Quarter pt. II (Pray For Rain)
5. We Ride By Night

The production will be as organic as possible with a few tweaks. There will no longer be a direct guitar to digital fx in the 8 track. I will be mic' ing up the new Mooer Little Monster Ac which will be boosted by treble booster at full tilt and the clean and dirty sounds will be as usual controlled by the guitar volume knob.
The only digital effects will be provided by the Ravish Sitar and some reverb added by a Boss FRV 1. The rest will be a reliable mix of old school analog and acoustic sounds. I will document each song on this as it happens. Thanks for reading.

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