Monday, 30 June 2014

The Duduk

I'm not an ignorant by any means but I have recently found out this instrument's name after years of loving the sound of it, thanks to various film soundtracks. As covered by this blog, I have a huge fascination with ethnic music sounds from my own country's Celtic flavours to Middle Eastern flavours and beyond. But this musical instrument's name evaded me for a long time, though I thought I had educated myself enough to have a decent idea of eastern ethic woodwinds and their categories.

I was ignorant and just assumed it was part of one of the above's musical groups, but it is actually strictly of Armenian origin. It has a beautiful sound. Very ethereal. It has the same effect on me as the Uilleann Pipes. Like them, the sound is otherworldly to me. I get goosebumps at the sound. I guess it's just a thing. Part of MY human condition if you will. It's difficult to describe the effect beyond that but I am looking to employ a similar sound in my work at some point. But at least I have a name to put to the sound. I have been listening to a lot of work by a gentleman by the name of Djivan Gasparyan. He is the eminent exponent of the duduk. And his work has spanned popular film and Armenian folk for many years. His most well known work was as collaborator with Hans Zimmer on Gladiator. His phrasing and expression is beautiful, even beyond words. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy this piece half as much as I do.