Monday, 2 June 2014

A different flavour.

Some time ago, I wrote a piece called "Morning Star" just to throw my hand at some classical-esque style guitar and added hand claps for a little flamenco style flavour. It was fun, it was throwaway and I quickly forgot about it.

A week or so ago, I rediscovered it on an old hard drive unit and thought "Hey, that's not bad for an amateur!" So I quickly relearned the piece and decided that at a minute long, it just didn't cut it.........and here comes the tangent:
Two dear friends of mine are getting married in December. The girl in question is a Spanish lady with a passion for flamenco. I am a self taught amateur with a passion for culturally different music, so whilst the flamenco is an art form performed by true Spanish masters, I am a simple Paddy who dreams of being one and so I am not labelling anything I may perform flamenco as it would be an insult to the music itself and the incredible musicians who live and breathe it. But I want to thank two particular women who've inspired this piece, my wonderful better half for writing an incredible story and creating the character in question who inspired the mood of the piece and my lovely Spanish "sister" for making me pay attention to this incredible music. I went to great lengths to try and create a piece to be proud of. This was a labour of love and whilst it's not perfect, yet, it is slowly but surely getting there. I stress, once again, that this is NOT flamenco but it does have some very Spanish influences. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed creating and playing it.

Siren's Scales (Selena's Theme)