Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Video - Skin & Blister - "It's Only Love": Live

So, here it is for your viewing (dis)pleasure. Our live debut. Loud, brash and a little arrogant. Just like many classic performances. I'm not saying it was a classic performance as there was plenty wrong with my own personal one but I was vibing off the admittedly brilliant crowd. And as most people who've experienced such a thing will tell you, there's no better feeling than a crowd who's 100% percent behind you. So hopefully my court jester guitarist antics will give you a giggle! Susan, my sister, was practically flawless, though a little nervous right at the beginning. To be expected as this was her first EVER live performance that didn't include karaoke coupled with inebriation in our local pub! Thankfully she rocked it, as I knew she would. Filmed by my wonderfully enthusiastic better half, and yes at 2:45 is the moment I kneecap myself! Enjoy, dear reader. Rock n' Roll!


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