Sunday, 13 April 2014


So, I bought myself a new toy, as you can see above! Loud is an understatement but to be fair I have saved the neighbours eardrums as once the level passes 4 o' clock, the windows threaten to wobble in the spare room. It's an investment which will be useful for any parties (home or away) which we may have in the future or should "Skin & Blister" choose to play an impromptu gig for family and friends. It was an impulse buy but overall I am very pleased with it. Downloaded some custom backing tracks, wired up the laptop to it and played along through my trusty Vox whilst warbling along.

It's a new sensation to be honest. As I have been forced to learn to play along with with some popular standards (some enjoyable / some necessary evils) and that is completely alien to me as somebody who only played along to my own compositions for a long time. New mainstream music rarely excites me as it's been monopolised and raped by the Simon Cowell-esque manufactured mentality that's pandemic today. So that's why I tend to live in my own head, listen to older music or find sounds completely off the grid.

Not to go off topic, I'm ultimately pleased with with my purchase and having been gifted some further excellent equipment from my grandfather (I'll cover that in the next one) I reckon I'm in for a fun and interesting musical summer. Thanks for reading.

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