Monday, 28 April 2014

And now for something completely different: A Call To Prayer (The Adhan)

Growing up in Ireland, you could be considered lucky with the culture that surrounds you. We tend to take it for granted. One of these things is our national music, or as we call it "Trad" or "Diddly Aye"! I always gravitated more towards the sad, sombre pieces one would hear especially on the Uilleann pipes from Davy Spillane and the like. As an avid music lover, I have been fascinated by certain other cultures who employ a similar style be it through music or singing.

I'm a method musician. I need to understand a certain piece before I employ it in my own work otherwise I'd consider it drowning in my own ignorance, not that I am anywhere near very knowledgeable in this next culture. But this is where I found the "Adhan", "Azan" or "Azaan" (just three of a number of ways to spell it). Anyway, I was entranced. The vocal is absolutely stunning! Religious beliefs aside, musically it shook me to the core. So I have decided to record a backing to a piece of my preference. (Clearly I couldn't sing it, these men are incredibly gifted vocalists) but it does give me a chance to flex some musical muscle and at least pay tribute to the piece whilst hopefully not detracting from it's power.

For anybody with an interest, here is one of my favourite versions, with subtitles. At one point, so powerful, the camera sound begins to distort. Fantastic.

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