Thursday, 29 October 2015

I've Met More Monsters (Than I Have Met Heroes)

A third track has been completed for the new e.p. It has a decidedly U2 esque sound, though it wasn't my original intention. I'm a huge Brian Eno fan and the ambiance he helped create on "The Joshua Tree" is phenomenal.

It was a challenge and a half to create this song and it's huge "WALL OF SOUND" chorus was a herculean task. There was countless overdubs, bouncing and panning whilst trying to figure out a higher harmony to the original guitar motif.

I wrote these words about 14 years ago and found them in an old sketch book. It was like meeting an old friend and the words are exactly what I was all about at that time. Angry, scared. embittered, heartbroken and still wrestling the tail end of puberty. It's fitting that this will share the e.p. with "Magpies...". The two tracks are yin and yang, subject wise so it makes a nice balance lyrically. You can listen to it HERE

I hope you enjoy it,

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