Sunday, 6 March 2016

No guitar hero....

Wow, I've been away for some time! I hadn't forgotten this place. More neglected it, really. I treat it like a sanctuary to give the hamster in my head some well needed R&R and he's well overdue. I've just been quite busy as of late, juggling weddings and jobs......

I haven't had much time to do anything musical until I revisited "MAMA". I won't go over the subject matter, as it's all contained in that particular post. I originally envisioned it as a simple guitar over an ambient backing. But then I added drums and the rest followed naturally.

Now, I'm no guitar hero, my style is more fluid than technical and the only scales I recognise are found in the marine world or a bathroom. I leave the shred type stuff to the cosmic guitarist disciples of Steve Vai et al, and do my thing. Kind of like taking the line for a walk.

This recording was a little different for me. I rolled back on the treble for a change. I always feared the tone was less expressive without treble and over compensated with it - which in hindsight, left the guitar sounding quite shrill. So this time, I rolled the tone pots all the way back and left the volume up full. Also, I plugged straight into the board and with exception to some reverb, there is absolutely no processing done to the signal at the finish line. It was simply my Burns pick-ups equipped Strat - BSM Silicone Treble Booster pedal - Tech 21 Liverpool V2 pedal - Boss CE 5 pedal - 8 track. My vibrato is something I've worked on a lot recently and I am particularly pleased with it in the upper registers. So just in time to celebrate Mother's Day - Here's "Mama":


  1. It sounds great and even better the third time. Glad to see you back.