Monday, 19 October 2015

Magpies & Rockstars PT. II

Told you I'd be back soon. This is a ballad I wrote around our wedding piece. The words have always been there and have been thrown into songs that they just haven't fit into, the vibe just wasn't there. I'm not keen on the vocal performance but have made plenty of attempts at it and this was the best of a poor lot.

But I'm pleased with the production. It's tight and punchy and the melodic guitar lead lines soar along with the ambient arpeggiated clean lines. It's just a pure and simple pop song, written in tribute to my better half. The words are simple, yet every one of them is true. To be honest it feels I've finally climbed a mountain or turned a corner so to speak. Creating music is normally second nature to me and yet it has been tough to pick up a guitar lately. Kudos to my youngest brother, James, who indulged me a spot of jamming yesterday which seemed to fuel this recording with a little vibrancy.
Thanks for reading.

You can hear it here: Phil McClean - Magpies & Rockstars PT. II

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