Thursday, 29 January 2015

Guitar DIY Pt. IV

So, I messed up the finish. True to form and my short attention span, I rushed the job and made the mistake of using two varnishes. One slow drying, one fast drying. This caused awful cracking and bubbling. So I bit my lip, stripped the varnish, sanded her down and am now between applying coats of primer. So that was an unfortunate but necessary learning curve.

It's not all doom and gloom. I have finished the rest of the guitar. Just added the tuning pegs etc today. I completed the artwork yesterday and gave it a coat of varnish. It was meant to be a reflection of the pickguard and while it is a close approximation, I like to think I was unconsciously channelling my love of Antoni Gaudi's artwork as well. At least something is going right! Lol

My pick ups will not arrive until next week so I will concentrate on getting the guitar finish perfect until then. On another note, an over abundance of primer has brought out the artistic side of my better half. Something she has become quite the expert at is the art of "ageing" furniture. She sanded down a mahogany headboard and is looking to create an antiquing effect, a sort of aged white effect - like looking at old white victorian furniture. Already primed and ready to go. We are getting very arty these days!

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