Friday, 23 January 2015

DIY Guitar Pt. I

So now that we are well into January, I am taking on a new project, specifically a DIY guitar! Having been unexpectedly gifted holidays next week, I have decided to devote my spare time to creating my dream guitar or at least my idea of one.

It won't be created from scratch. I have been feverishly hovering over this very netbook on ebay, clicking, typing, screaming, crying, eating etc. You get the picture. Anyway to get myself ahead, I have procured a cheap strat diy kit but am sourcing the hardware individually online. As the stock pickups are not worth a fart in the wind and am currently waging a war against several individuals for the "dream" pickups so to speak.

My stepdad taught me well, as he made sure I had half an idea when it comes to wiring in all shapes and sizes in various appliances so I'm pretty confident as to what I can do! At the moment I am limited to drawing diagrams, whether I might put an "out of phase" option in there, but as it's my first attempt I'll most likely give it a standard strat 3 single coil wiring with no fancy wiring. I won't be starting until next week and that will (most likely) involve just painting, chiselling and creating a shape for the headstock. All I have at the moment is the pickguard/scratchplate. A Green Pearl effect.

Which will require some modification to accomodate the pickups I'm currently bidding for. But for now the ebay battle wages on and the retail uberlords hail me to work.

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