Sunday, 21 August 2016

Old Path, New Journey.

Wow, been away from here for a while! Well it's been a whirlwind few months with weddings, honeymoons and the like. But this is a music blog and as such, this is my main topic.

A while ago, I announced a sequel / prequel / unsure to "HERESY" and then unceremoniously postponed it on account of being in the wrong frame of mind and so damn busy. The problem was I was also far too happy, I still am by the way. But the world isn't.

 Yesterday I was pottering around with my sitar FX pedal and played around with an old theme that I had come up with about 12 years ago whilst in the young, creative duo (The FOG) who were still learning how to tune a guitar, never mind how to play one. It was called "The Witching Hour". It was essentially me trying to be a guitar hero. Essentially a showpiece for me to show off (to myself, it impressed nobody else) and I recently found The Fog's first CD which contains this treasure. It may sound a little childish and was clearly recorded in our best amateur capacity, but those songs laid the foundations into what I do now. Also, they were a lot of fun to record. But I found this piece on it and thought "This needs an airing."

So recently, I managed to get Quantum Leap "Silk" in working order. This is a collection of studio sampled instruments from the fabled Silk Road (China, India, Persian Empire) which the user can employ to their liking with the aid of a midi keyboard. I love the Persian string orchestra, so imposing and dramatic. And of course, the duduk. It sounds great and I don't have to spend hours positioning a microphone to get the ambiance I want. Don't worry, technology has not completely distracted me. I have created a new piece using both organic and tech driven instruments that will be the opening to "Faith". The title is "END OF DAYS Part I - The Witching Hour". I know, understated as always. I will be uploading it in the next day or so for your critique. I'm genuinely thrilled with it's progress and I hope it's as pleasing to your ears as it is to mine. The above picture hints at what this story will tell so plenty to mull over there. Thanks for reading.

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