Friday, 26 August 2016

END OF DAYS Part I: The Witching Hour.

So, a rundown on the new piece. Well, I finally finished it and it's a first for me too, using computer software to create some of the instrument voicings. I didn't use a DAW though. I merely played the midi keyboard in real time plugged directly into the multitrack. The software I used was the stunning "Quantum Leap SILK" from Eastwest Studios.

 It contains genuine live instruments, painstakingly recorded note for note and in various styles. The instruments focused on are from China, India and The Persian Empire. I incorporated the keyboard, the actual duduk (this was interwoven with the SILK interpretation) and the ravish sitar pedal played with "Selena" - my home made strat. It was recorded in this order:

1: Persian 30 Piece Strings - Bass (Silk)
2: Warm Strings (Keyboard)
3: Sitar Drone: (Guitar & Pedal)
4: Sitar Lead: (Guitar & Pedal)
5: Duduk: (Silk)
6: Duduk: (My lungs!)

They were then bounced to a stereo track to make room for:

1:Timpani (Keyboard)
2: Persian 30 Piece Strings - Lead (Silk)
3: Persian 30 Piece Strings - Harmony (Silk)
4: Sarod - (Silk)
5: Sequenced Bass (Keyboard)
6: Distorted Guitar (Guitar & Pedal)

Just looking at the above list reminds me of the effort it to to create such a relatively short piece of music. I may hire out an orchestra one of these days, lottery jackpot win pending!

You can listen on the link below. Thanks for taking the time to read this and listen.

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