Sunday, 10 April 2016


Okay then. I'm not getting a lot of time to do much musical stuff as of late due to LIFE. But witnessing circumstances ongoing in my job, I like many others realised exactly how disposable I am to the company. So I've promised myself some big changes after all the other big changes on the horizon this year.

I want to pursue a career in sound and vision (even if it means sweeping up a studio) as I am starting to realise that I am wasting my talents walking a shop floor and counting items. Every. Single. Crushing. Day.

 But I need some references as regards to the work I'm capable of. Obviously I have a reference in the "FRESH START" short movie covered in the this BLOG from last year but as a young musician who was still learning how to tune a guitar at the time, it's hardly a good reference. So I have decided to work on a piece called "GOTHAMITE" about, you guessed it - himself with the pointy ears above there.

We're inspired by things we appreciate in life - big and small, and since childhood this particular character has resonated with me. The piece will be instrumental (at the minute) and will be made up by a half dozen other pieces. I am planning on getting a synth with an arpeggiator to use in parts so this will take time but I will upload pieces here as they are created. It's my tribute to the origins of the character and I will explain the story of each piece as I share it. I must go. The piano is calling me. Thanks for reading.

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