Tuesday, 12 April 2016

GOTHAMITE Part I: Prelude

So here is the first part of my musical tribute. I tried to add a recognisable melody that I can allude to in the pieces to follow, should the feeling arise. The music box melody is actually an old piece of music I created to help improve my rhythm on the keys when I first started messing with them circa 2004 and it's been used and abused in various ideas but never seemed to find a proper home, until now.

I wrote this piece of music as if from a child's eyes and feel that it is a success in respect of that. I added a keyboard choir, introduced by a a choir pad effect and threw in some moody strings, just to add weight to it. It sounds majestic and unsettling at the same time.

The melody changes slightly and from the right a macabre, stardust jingling effect signifies a tense mood change as it's introduced by a timpani drum. I flicked nonchalantly on the detune dial at various times to add a unsteady vinyl wobble to it.

The dual guitars slash like a razorblade, twice to signify each bullet whilst a driving bass adds tension between each strike of the guitars and then suddenly, a bell tolls.

We return to the music box but the melody is softer, less certain. Every so often the stardust effect elaborates on certain notes, whilst two warm violin lines harmonise with each other, and all is still again.

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