Monday, 21 July 2014

I am Icarus.

Yep, I am an icon for failed ambition, I flew too close to the sun and am now drowning in my over ambition. My computer hard drive refused to meld with the software and has been over the process of week and a half, in the hands of a technician friend of mine. Suffice to say, my technophobia is back with a bang. I spent a couple of coffee fuelled days and nights trying to solve the problem myself, driving my better half practically insane with my bullish "work, you bastard!" attitude.

It appears that there may be no solution to the problem and it has massively hindered my progress on my e.p. with so many possibilities wiped out in one fell swoop. Last night I was still lamenting it, when I said out to myself "I would've saved a fortune if I'd just bought a duduk....."

  Facepalm. So why didn't I? I've already taught myself how to play any other instrument I wanted to. Naturally in varying degrees of success, but the point being that I can play a tune or compose on each of the instruments I've taught myself and I've always enjoyed learning something new.

In primary school in Ireland (known as Junior High in other worldly places) it's generally accepted that you will receive lessons on how to play the tin whistle (penny whistle) or the recorder. Both wind instruments which are relatively easy to learn. I imagine the scale notes are different but the style of play is similar and I may work on a better lung capacity which though improved is nowhere near before when I just started smoking, of which, FYI, I am currently smoke free for over two years now. Have studied some videos and done a bit of research on prices, which seem very reasonable. Watch this space.