Tuesday, 29 July 2014

HERESY: A Concept.

This is the now official title of the e.p. I am due to start working on. It's conceptual (sorry) and it tells the story of a priest who has come to question his faith, becoming disillusioned with the world at large and deciding to take refuge in the middle of the Empty Quarter or Rub al Khali desert, bringing only a supply of water, food, a small tent, a bottle of whiskey (his eventual undoing when the water runs out) and a long wave radio so he has some degree of company.

His isolation starts to consume him, his mind begins to trick him and he starts to see God, Lucifer, Angels, Demons and various ghosts in the desert to which he converses and argues with and preaches sermons to. After a while his only link to his sanity is "Selena". A beautiful burlesque dancer from "The Siren's Scales" gentlemen's club, he once shared a stolen moment with.

The record itself is a mixture of rock and ethnic sounds from the Middle East and Andalusia. I officially stop the demos and start the real work next week. Each song will have a semblance of the story and I will explain them as they happen.

1. Empty Quarter Pt. I (Rub al Khali): An instrumental which signals the priests arrival in the desert. He's taking some much needed time to "find" himself after a meltdown in his church which we witness in:

2. Hand Of God: The straw that breaks the camel's back. Yet another scandal rocks the church, near meltdown in The Holy Land. He erupts, openly questioning why after all this, people still blindly follow a being they've never met nor have proof of his existence.

3. Empty Quarter Pt. II (Pray For Rain): The desert comes alive, akin to a Hellish dream taunting the priest who is severely dehydrated and begins to see visions.

4. At The End Of The World: The priest's visions become more powerful, he sees God arguing with Lucifer about his so called betrayal, a ghostly congregation watch them, too in awe and terror to speak out, but the priest openly calls them both out and gives them a piece of his mind.

5. Selena's Theme: Comatose now, the priest fades away in the darkness, tormented by the memories of Selena, the dancer who stole his heart, like so many before him, believing it is punishment for daring to question God.

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