Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Turning it up to 11.

So, as of the past couple of years in aid of charity, the company I am employed by, host a talent show. I took part in it last year and was (not my words) "a highlight". I had fun and was, however among the spectators when the top three were announced. I gave it my all and came up short (well I am only 5' 6", ahem) but this year, I'm not taking it too seriously. I've roped my sister along for the this one and we are guessed it, "It's Only Love" by Bryan Adams and Tina Turner. Calling ourselves "Skin & Blister" (last minute name - see Dublin slang for "sister") I have taken on guitar duties and sometime vocal harmonist, whilst she carries the vocal section throughout the song. A big ask, as there's both male and female vocals in the original. The object is to have fun. I invested a lot into the previous year and was disappointed by my failure instead of enjoying the moment and let's face it, these days one must enjoy those little moments!

My sister will own the stage, she's purposeful and dominant. Getting right into the song. A long way from the shy lamb she was when we started. I believe she will genuinely surprise a lot of people. It appears she's adopted my attitude. "It's Tina "f*!king" Turner! You don't sing it to people, you tell them to listen!" I will be noodling away in a healthy mix between the original guitar work and my own interpretation of it. I'm nervous as I've never performed electric guitar in public before. I tend to be behind a microphone instead. I will be using my Sansamp Liverpool V2 plugged straight into the P.A. system with a little reverb courtesy of the sound producer, if I ask nicely, a high quality backing track - minus the lead guitar, and my white Hagstrom Deuce F guitar. The object is fun but barring any Spinal Tap moments, we will be nothing less than professional. Monday 31st March, 7pm at the Heritage Hotel. And if we're too loud, you're too old!

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