Friday, 14 February 2014

Out Of The Comfort Zone.

I'm currently working on a duet with a top secret individual whose identity will be revealed in a month or so. She's a great singer albeit a little publicity shy and this is the song we've agreed upon. There's plenty of tasty guitar chops in it and I'm excited and nervous about this! I haven't really attempted to play a cover with such heavy duty guitar work before, namely because it's a big ask and as I've a head like a sieve, my short term memory is non existent! Also, I don't want to copy the piece note for note but I want them to be recognisable too. Basically I want to add my own signature to it without tarnishing the, admittedly excellent, guitar work in the original. I'm not a technical guitarist, more fluid in the same vein as Rory Gallagher, Brian May etc. Though nowhere near that level of excellence. Will update you with my efforts through the magic of video in due course.

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