Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Far From Perfect.....but getting there!

This is a rough take, done off the cuff - mid washing and tormenting the dogs. It's nowhere near perfect but I'm getting familiar with the piece and feel comfortable enough to add my own particular stamp on it. I'm using a 9 volt battery powered Fender novelty amp, a BSM Rangemaster Treble Booster and a Hagstrom Deuce F guitar.

The pick, as always, is an old English sixpence, in a tip of the hat to Brian May. The booster is the special ingredient, hence it sounds so creamy and big coming from such a tiny sound source. For the actual performance I will be using my Fender Squier strat, the BSM and My Vox Valvetronix ADVT30 amp with, if I'm feeling adventurous, my Vox Wah Pedal. Thank for listening.

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