Friday, 20 January 2017

Let's Hear It For The Boys.

Choirs, I love them. You don't need instruments to make one. Bar a voicebox, or several. They are the perfect ensemble. A truly organic orchestra.

If I had to pick a favourite choir "type", it would be a boys choir. It just has that perfect in between range. It's not too peaky, not bass heavy and it doesn't explode into your space, like a full choir ensemble. I recently had to retire my young nephew as my would be boys choir (A lot of overdubbing, but so worth it) as mother nature kindly decided that puberty take priority over my music and his voice bears all the telltale hallmarks.

So I procured a copy of SoundIron's Mercury Elements, to help me in my search for a would be replacement.

 I'm heavily influenced by Danny Elfman and his unique, almost ethereal style he gave to such films as "Edward Scissorhands", Batman Returns and "Sleepy Hollow". I'm still figuring out the nuts and bolts of the software but some early experiments have been promising! Here's some examples of the classic "Elfman" sound with boys choirs:

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