Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Full Circle.

The past couple of weeks have been an entirely forgettable experience for me and it's not getting any easier for some friends of mine who are currently having a very tough time as regards to the often cruel and unpredictable circle of life. I have no more to broach on this subject here, apart from they weigh heavily on my mind and I am sending them love and positive vibes unlimited.

Last year, the FOG had a ball performing for one night, for my better half's birthday. Well it seems to have gone full circle and now we are looking at recording a few songs together again. I am currently in the middle of recording a planned duet called "Murder, They Wrote". It's essentially a murder ballad about a timeless subject. "Boy meets Girl, Boy loses Girl to other Boy, Girl and other Boy murder first Boy". Good wholesome family subject matter! It's done in a 50's style piano ballad and I may have overcooked the solo. Well if it's worth half doing, it's worth over doing right! All I need is my musical partner's vocals and he will hopefully provide some tasteful guitar plucking too.

Here's a taster:


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