Monday, 9 February 2015

Ashes to ashes

Unfortunately, I had an accident whilst decorating the guitar. Upon adding the final coat of varnish, the string that held her gave way and she landed right on her base resulting in a huge crack that ran more than half way up the body, that not even the most gifted luthier could repair. She went straight on the fire. At least I got a use for her even though I am massively gutted. The body is easily replaceable, but the time and care I put into preparing her is not.

But I am a glass half full kind of guy, most of the time, and while I search up a replacement body, I will be experimenting with her electronics. Namely wiring her middle middle pick up with an out of phase option, via a push pull tone pot, like a hidden magic trick! The operation is simple enough (The Internet is a marvellous teaching tool, you know) and I am looking forward to indulging my inner electronics nerd a little. Only one pickup will be out of phase as the effect is essentially an in phase pickup "fighting" with the out of phase pickup, which essentially leaves the artefacts or "leftovers" of the original tone. I chose the middle pickup as with the use of her five way switch I can get out of phase sounds with a neck and middle or middle and bridge combo.

Opinion is divided on the sounds. Being of a honking, nasal nature, it's pretty much a love/hate thing. I personally love it. Especially as it cuts through a heavy mix. You can hear a great example of the neck and middle out of phase sound here from 1.00 to 1.11:

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