Monday, 8 September 2014


I have set up my own website recently,, so I haven't really found the time to update this blog recently! Apologies for this but I'm back! I'm thrilled with the site itself. I have uploaded the entire "HERESY" e.p. and the first six posts of my blog describe the story that is contained in the six songs.

I've always wanted to create a conceptual piece of music, but when creating the story, there was always a case of too much of an idea, if that's possible, for me to control. My plebeian mind struggled with the massive foundation I had set out with and turned into a mess of ideas that never really meshed together. The intent was there but the talent was not. So I took a simple story idea and incorporated biblical elements and ideas into it, whilst trying to keep the plot small and simple enough to follow whilst trying to balance that with making it big enough to hold someone's attention. It is basically a treatment of a story on the website's blog, contained in the first six posts. I revisited it and completed the ending today. One I'm quite proud of actually.

I don't think the majority of people who've visited the website have actually "GOT" the idea of it. It's just a case of clicking "play" and passing their ears over it, instead of reading the story, which is unfortunate as to truly appreciate the songs, I feel, the story is paramount to them. Either way, thanks for taking the time to read and or listen to my work.   

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