Friday, 24 January 2014


Welcome stranger! This blog has been set up to document my pursuit of excellence in musical production or simply just "I record original music in a bedroom." Whilst I have indulged in blogging in the past, I have not the patience to keep a constant update on the more mundane aspects of my life whereas musically I'm always working at something or other and enjoy the technical aspects of recording. I have absolutely no education or qualifications in musical production so a lot of what I do is trial, error and pure bull-headed ignorance. I will be posting up my music and basically boring / explaining my production techniques to anybody with a half hearted interest in it, whilst putting up the odd lyrics on the side. All rights are reserved on these pieces of work and the copyright belongs to SHAP sound productions unless stated otherwise. Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice interface Phil. I'm just putting the finishing touches to a book but I'm not marketing here. The point is, a situation arose where I had to claim music as a means of higher communication, a higher language if you will. If I don't speak Japanese (Which is a fair guess) I can still communicate emotions and other human qualities to someone who only speaks Japanese, through music. So, it is a higher calling but why am I telling you this. Well ... when you get a nice piece done it would be great if you could put up a URL so we can hear you 'Speak' in you chosen language. The very best to you in the meantime. Denis & Co.

    1. Sorry for the ridiculous delay in replying, my settings were not set to inform me of comments! That's an interesting observation and I'd definitely agree with it! I am currently working on some pieces at the minute whilst awaiting some new software to help me realise the sounds! Thanks for reading and a great comment!